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“Allergy Technologies Announces Addition of Dominique Sauvage”

Pest Control Technology, August 2023

Dominique Sauvage joins Allergy Technologies as senior vice president and a member of its senior management team.

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“Bed Bugs Take a Bite Out of Residents and Budgets in Affordable Housing”

Affordable Housing Finance Magazine, June 2023
Incorporating a successful bed bug treatment program will greatly reduce the recurrence of these pests, with the invaluable results of improving management-resident relations, and also improving the bottom line of a facility.

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“Bed Bug Problems in Affordable Housing Averted by ATAHC”

Pest Control Technology, April 2023
Over the past three years, Allergy Technologies has executed and perfected a collaborative approach to solving the scourge of bed bugs in affordable housing, with takeaways in five key areas.

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“Gus Carey of Allergy Technologies: Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Launched My Startup Business”

Medium, March 2023
The Chairman of Allergy Technologies, Gus Carey, shares the lessons he has learned and the growth he has experienced in launching the company as part of Medium’s leadership series.

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“Allergy Technologies Presents at NAHRO National Conference”

Pest Control Professional, October 2022
Allergy Technologies President Joseph Latino led a panel discussion for affordable housing leaders at the annual industry convention for the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO).

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“Philadelphia Greenlights Allergy Technologies’ Five-Year Program”

PMP Magazine: June 9, 2022

Allergy Technologies and the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) have launched a preventive program
to keep bed bugs out of the city’s public housing developments. PHA was awarded a $15 million five-
year contract to implement ATAHC in 6,000 residential units throughout Philadelphia, PA.

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“Five Questions with Joseph Latino”

PCT Magazine, May 2022

Five questions with Joseph Latino, the President of Allergy Technologies.

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“In Philadelphia, a Transformative NEW Program Eliminates More Than 99% of Bed Bugs!” 

NAHRO Journal of Housing & Community Development, April 2022

Finally, an approach has arrived that perfects bed bug control and prevention in affordable housing: the
ATAHC Program. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” said Benjamin Franklin. He may as
well have been speaking about the power of ATAHC’s preventive model, which is incredibly relevant to
bed bugs in affordable housing. Proactive bed bug prevention is an indispensable and essential strategy
for public housing authorities and private management companies seeking to eliminate the insidious

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“Improvements for Your Tenants and Owners Eliminate Your Bed Bug Incidents”

Residential Resources (The Official Magazine of the National Association of Residential Property
Managers), July 2021
Are your units occupied by more than just your tenants? New programs that significantly reduce hard-
to-eradicate bed bugs in the country benefit a broad range of stakeholders. Early detection and
intervention are core tenets of the program. Still, a vital component of the program’s success comes
from having a team work collaboratively with residents, property management, and professional pest
control providers.

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“New Program Cuts Bed Bug Incidents by 97% in Affordable Housing, Improving the Quality of Life of Residents and Staff.”

Pest Control Technology, July 2021
Allergy Technologies has created a proven program that significantly reduces hard-to-eradicate bed bugs
among the country’s most at-risk residents, benefiting many stakeholders. The company’s ATAHC
Program is a two-year program, followed by years of follow-up, launched in a major urban affordable
housing community in Philadelphia to address the rampant bed bug problem.

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