ATAHC™ Hospitality

Achieving coveted customer loyalty is the holy grail of hospitality, and hoteliers are increasingly devising and implementing strategies to drive guest satisfaction while enhancing census and profitability. This is even truer now as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, with guests and hoteliers hypersensitive to their surroundings.

In their need to provide a customer-friendly environment, the entire property must be pristine. Perceived cleanliness and comfort will guide business and leisure guests as to selecting their hotel and accommodations, while a huge turnoff for guests is the incidence of encountering bed bugs in their room or on the property. After several severely compromised years due to the impact of COVID on business and vacation travel, hotels cannot afford any further negative events.
ATAHC Hospitality, by Allergy Technologies, provides the answer for the hospitality industry.

In a recent market research document from Orkin – Behind the Cost of Bed Bugs: Hospitality Industry Report – the following empirical data is glaring:
• 90 percent of hotels have been treated for bed bugs
• The cost of a single bed bug incident is over $6,000
• 45 percent of hotels have been sued over bed bugs
• 91 percent of hoteliers are worried about bed bugs

Installed as a fitted sheet on either a box spring or mattress, ActiveGuard™ Mattress Liners provide unique and unparalleled cornerstone value by killing bed bugs introduced into a room and preventing an infestation. Ultimately, an ActiveGuard-based prevention program will result in:

• Bolstering of hotel operating efficiencies (with few if any bed bug-related service disruptions)
• Considerable reductions in operational expenses – including comped meals and discarded soft goods – and a lowering of costs related to bed bug treatments/infestations
• Retention of rooms on-census and profitable
• Reduction in housekeeping and staff inspection requirements
• Preservation of shareholder equity
• Avoidance of legal liability
• Significant decrease in negative social media posts that compromise brand reputation


A single ActiveGuard Mattress Liner placed on a bed:
• Prevents new bed bug infestations for two years
• Starts killing bed bugs in just 10 minutes of contact
• Kills bed bugs in bedding (mattress, air mattress, box spring, sofa bed)
• Stops bed bug infestations from establishing
• Delivers long-term control of adult bed bugs and their juvenile forms
• Provides added benefit by working as a monitor where bed bugs are most likely to infest: the bed


Incorporating ActiveGuard by Allergy Technologies in every hotel room affords significant peace of mind for guests and hoteliers alike.