The success of Allergy Technologies’ ATAHC™ Program has led to its first extension, ATAHCPlus™ 

With ATAHC having eradicated 98% of bed bugs in the communities we serve for the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), the Authority has awarded Allergy Technologies the opportunity to launch ATAHCPlus. This Program expands our approach to eradicating bed bugs to reducing cockroaches, mice, and rats in their communities. This Program will further improve resident living conditions, a shared goal for all parties involved.


ATAHCPlus will be available nationwide, just like our ATAHC program.

Rodents and cockroaches are certainly upsetting pests for residents to encounter in their homes. To help combat them, we have formulated an “attack plan” similar to the inspections and treatments at the foundation of ATAHC. ATAHCPlus rests on the same two pillars as all of our work: the technical element of eradicating pests and, just as importantly, the trust, equity, and relationships we build with residents.


On the technical side, our first step is an initial unit assessment. We notify the residents of our inspection date and take the necessary steps to gauge the presence of pests. We visit every apartment in a community and leave devices with bait or glue boards to capture any rodents or cockroaches present. These devices will gauge the extent of their presence.  


One week later, we return to assess our findings and service the specific unit with various gels and vacuuming to eliminate any problems that have turned up. Following these initial two visits, we will return every three months to evaluate the aftermath. This is no different from the follow-up visits to check on bed bug populations as in the original ATAHC bed bug program. Of course, we are available for any service calls before those three months pass if the resident notices the return of any pests. However, we believe that with a vast proportion of residences, we will accomplish our goals of creating a rodent- and roach-free environment during the first pair of visits.


Just as importantly, our success will call upon the “relationship equity” built between our personnel and community residents. We treat all residents with dignity, respect, and empathy and remain flexible and responsive to their needs. In our ATAHC Bed Bug program, we had to prove ourselves by overcoming any past resistance to the process and forming strong bonds with residents. This minimized the number of forced entries to apartments and provided unprecedented access to people’s homes, allowing us to do our work and residents to reap the benefits. That same spirit will continue with ATAHCPlus, and the ease of access will drive the execution of our work.


We believe this Program will be as effective as our bed bug efforts, for which we have received positive acclaim from the PHA and its residents. It is a worthy extension of our planning and efforts, as our central tenet is improving the ‘Quality of Life’ for community residents.


The original ATAHC platform is flexible and can adapt to multiple functions within a community. Our resident relationships are at the core of this, and ATAHCPlus is the first manifestation.