ATAHC™ Bed Bug

Through an impressive partnership among pest management professionals, residents and property managers, Allergy Technologies has successfully created and coordinated a comprehensive prevention Program, known as ATHAC Bed Bug, which has produced impressive, long-term results, most notably an improvement in ‘Quality of Life’ for residents, while saving these organizations
time and money.


ATAHC Bed Bug is distinguished from other approaches by incorporating an initial facility-wide screening and subsequent treatment of infested residential units, immediately lowering the bed bug population to non-detectable levels. The installation of long-acting preventive measures property-wide, including ActiveGuard™ Mattress Liners, the only EPA-registered for sale product labeled to prevent bed bug infestations for two years, ensure that the bed bug population stays under control. Unique to ATAHC is the focus on the dignity and self-esteem of the residents, often negatively impacted by bed bugs in community living environments. Education through presentations by HUD-sponsored professionals, distribution of easy-to-understand materials dispelling the myths surrounding this pest in the residents’ native languages, and an overall sensitivity toward cultural diversity are all cornerstones to heightening resident engagement in the Program.

In recent years, bed bug infestations have continued to rise across the country, especially in affordable housing environments. When Allergy Technologies noted that the ‘Quality of Life’ of residents was suffering, the Company decided to harness its industry expertise and contacts to create and manage a coalition of experts to solve the problem…and ATAHC was born.

ATAHC Bed Bug established core principles from day one. They include early detection and intervention resulting in far fewer and less invasive treatments if a reintroduction occurs. Central to ATAHC’s success is the caring and compassionate tenor established by Program Management.  This is reflected in their relationships with residents, property management, staff, and pest management. The ATAHC Program has flipped the proverbial script by changing the community culture about bed bugs and building collaborative relationships between all stakeholders. Considerable time and energy are spent on the educational, planning, and notification aspects of the Program, all before the first inspection ever takes place. This early work pays off, laying the groundwork for a direct path to success!

The ATAHC Bed Bug Program changes lives in affordable housing environments. It improves the ‘Quality of Life’ of residents and has a long-lasting residual effect on resident relationships with building management, as well as allowing management to allocate their budget to other pressing resident needs throughout the facility. It also eliminates the anxiety, insomnia, and emotional distress that this scourge can create.  “Affordable housing residents are now primed to have their lives changed due to our groundbreaking ATAHC Program,” says Joseph Latino President of Allergy Technologies. “We have been able to provide a solution to a huge unmet need in an environment that desperately needs effective bed bug prevention.”