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ATAHC™ makes affordable housing residents’ lives better.  Allergy Technologies has been preventing bed bug infestations in top hotels, school dormitories and senior assisted living facilities throughout the country for years.  

Experts repeatedly say that bed bugs are just part of living in affordable housing and that controlling them in community living environments is impossible.  No one should live with bed bugs, and we know residents deserve nothing less.

I was so surprised that the ATAHC people cared about us, and they have done so much more than take care of the bed bugs. They take the time to work with everyone to ensure that any concerns are taken care of and have built the residents’ trust. Thank you, ATAHC team!

Resident, ATAHC Community


ATAHC is the only property-wide, prevention-based, sustainable program that all but eliminates bed bugs in an affordable housing environment, improving the ‘Quality of Life’ of residents while reducing operational expenses for management


The ATAHC facility-wide bed bug program focuses on prevention – not just treatment of a reported bed bug problem.  We reduce the bed bug population throughout the entire facility to near zero by first inspecting every unit, then promptly treating those units with bed bugs.  If you are about to become part of the ATAHC family, we urge you to read “What Residents Should Expect” below.


The success of ATAHC depends on the help and cooperation of every resident.  Allergy’s ATAHC team is trained to answer any questions and work with residents and staff to take care of any concerns that may arise.  One of the critical reasons for the success of ATAHC is the focus on building genuine trust with residents, staff, social services, our ATAHC pest management providers, and the housing authority and onsite property managers.


How good is the ATAHC Bed Bug Program?  We have reduced bed bug incidents from 80-90 per year to just 3 or 4.  We have created our 24/7 (800) hotline to call if residents suspect bed bugs…and we promptly call back. We contract pest management firms with a mandate to treat quickly when bed bugs are confirmed found and hold them accountable for their work.  Transparency, self-respect, and dignity are not just buzzwords we use casually; they are principles that govern how our entire ATAHC team acts!  Most importantly, we maintain our presence and relationships with staff and residents.  Long-term bed bug control is a marathon…not a sprint where we treat and run. Our commitment to you is unyielding.   

What Residents Should Expect

Before ATAHC, my children and I were being bitten regularly, and the treatments weren’t working. We were getting a lot of promises that our bed bug problem was being handled, and we had different exterminators coming into our apartment at all hours. We wouldn’t see them again, and our problem would return. ATAHC came in, set up plans and processes, and now they are a regular and trusted presence, and our problems have disappeared.

Resident, ATAHC Community


The success of ATAHC depends on your cooperation and help.  Every unit must be inspected to determine if treatment is required, or only preventive measures need to be installed to keep your home bed bug-free.  Your cooperation during scheduling, inspection, and treatment helps you and your neighbors, and the residents throughout your building complex.  We urge you to communicate any concerns or problems with your Program Manager, pest management provider, Resident Property Coordinator, or Building Management.  If you can’t be at your apartment at the appointed time, please arrange convenient access with the Program Manager and staff.  Also, please report any suspected bed bugs as soon as possible.


During the ’Initial Phase,’ the Program Manager will:


  • – Conduct education sessions – either online or in-person – for staff and residents
  • – Answer questions and work with residents to prepare them for the Implementation Phase
  • – Identify and hire resident property coordinators (“RPCs”) from eligible/screened on-site residents to act as intermediaries with facility residents throughout the Program’s conduct
  • – Plan schedules with the property management and pest management to effectively control and prevent bed bugs while being sensitive to the needs of residents and staff.

– During the ‘Implementation Phase.’ the ATAHC Program Manager will coordinate the detection and treatment of bed bugs and the installation of preventive measures facility-wide.  During this phase:       

– Allergy Technologies will work with property management and the RPCs to provide notifications to all residents, alerting them of the inspection schedule for their unit

The pest management professional will use dogs trained to identify bed bugs in all units throughout the facility.  For more expansive facilities, canine inspections will be phased into sections of the building complex


– All units, regardless of bed bug activity, will have bed bug preventive measures installed 

– For units indicating bed bug activity, a pest management professional will visually inspect to confirm the active bed bug activity is present in the unit 

– Pest management will comprehensively treat all bed bug confirmed units; a unit is only deemed clear of bed bug activity after 60 consecutive days of zero detectable bed bugs post treatment.  The goal: to reduce bed bug activity in the facility to near zero 

– Allergy Technologies will work continue to work with the Property Management, staff, and residents to schedule and complete the ‘Implementation Phase‘ of the Program

– Once the ‘Implementation Phase’ has been completed and the bed bug population at the facility has been brought to near zero, Allergy Technologies and its team will continue to monitor and keep bed bugs under control.  During the Monitoring Phase:


– Allergy Technologies and its Program Manager will continue to work with the Property Manager and property staff to periodically monitor the units for bed bugs



– Pest management subcontracted by Allergy Technologies to protect the property will inspect all units every quarter unless the unit has been treated for bed bugs or has a historical record of activity. These units will have monthly inspections until three consecutive visits demonstrate no bed bug activity; these units with then be placed under quarterly surveillance



– The Program Manager will continue to work with the Property Manager, staff, and RPCs to schedule visits, alert residents of impending visits, and maintain communications. Periodic updates are distributed via newsletters regarding the ATAHC Program to all staff and residents



– Residents will be encouraged to notify staff and Allergy Technologies if they suspect there is bed bug activity



– Reports of bed bug activity will be immediately inspected, and prompt treatment will occur, as required



– Every two years, canine inspections will be conducted, and bed bug preventive measures re-applied to continue protecting the staff and  residents



– Most ATAHC contracts are for five (5) years



I was worried about reporting our bed bug problem because I thought it meant we were not being clean.  I now realize that bed bugs are even found in top hotels and that reporting is essential for me, my family, and the units around me.   I recommend that all communities enlist ATAHC to reduce the stress we face every day.

Resident, ATAHC Community

ATAHC Program Insight

Clip: Remarkable Reductions and Responsible Residents

Allergy Technologies President Joseph Latino and Dr. Jim Ballard, entomologist, discuss the benefits ATAHC brings to community living environments and the relief expressed by building and property managers.

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